Stuff That We Are Thankful For: 2012 Edition (there have been no other editions)

on Nov 22, 2012
Brought to you by this drunk turkey


1)  "No. 1 Against the Rush" by Liars

Amongst internet streams, endless playlists, and shuffle modes, songs often burn bright and then fade quickly in my memory. Every once in a while though, one comes along that just sticks. Enter "No. 1 Against the Rush," from Liars' latest record WIXIW. Liars plus ominous synths and sweet chopped up samples? Please and thank you.

2)  Maserati

God bless you Maserati. With Maserati VII, you could have chosen to go in one of many different directions after tragically losing drummer Jerry Fuchs. Instead, you chose to plow on full steam ahead ahead in your quest to push the boat-chase-soundtrack envelope to its absolute limits. There's something comforting in the knowledge, no matter what else is going on in the world, that you're out there somewhere opening up the throttle as far as she'll go.

3)  99% Invisible

I'm playing it fast and loose with the them here, but the self-described "Tiny Radio Show About Design" by Roman Mars is one of the very best radio shows/podcasts out there period and I just have to share. Even if you're not into design per-se, the beautiful stories, flawless production, and refreshing brevity add up to a consistently great listen. There are a lot of great podcasts out there right now that I absolutely love, but for me, 99% Invisible is as close to perfect as they get.


1)  Godspeed You! Black Emperor released their first new album in ten years

Kind of goes without saying, since Dear Jerks essentially began as a way for us to mess ourselves about Allelujah! in a public but semi-anonymous forum. But, still: uuunnnhhh.

2)  Phil Elverum


While most musicians won't even release one of the best albums of the year this year, Phil Elverum, the one-man band that is Mount Eerie, released two of them. This sonic alchemist has put Anacortes, WA, back on the map in a way not seen since The Revolutionary Hydra released "Anacortes Type Writer" on their split 7" with Death Cab For Cutie way back when. And that, if only by definition, is saying something.

3)  Regents' Antietam After Party

Frodus Lives! Twenty-six frenetic minutes from a group of guys culled from a sizeable number of the last decade's post-hardcore luminaries. "Start to Beginning" is barely a minute, and the first half of that minute is brought to you by the Hardcore Drum Corps. Don't worry, herein also dwells a Hardcore Back-Up Choir, and an Aramaic chant. The Homeland-meets-falconry cover art is a nice touch.  

4)  That day back in September when Phil Collins' ...Hits was on sale for $1 on Amazon

Not to pack this list with dudes named Phil, but that day was super sweet. Does ...Hits have "Another Day In Paradise" on it? Well, it ain't called ...Hits because it doesn't have "Another Day In Paradise" on it, that's for certain.