Dan Snaith, Predictor of Major Weather Events

on Nov 24, 2012
What do Nostradamus and this album have in common?

It has recently come to our attention that Dan Snaith, the man behind Caribou (who will always kinda still be Manitoba in our hearts), may not just be a brilliant composer and multi-instrumentalist. He may, in fact, be clairvoyant.

Here is the track list for Caribou's Andorra, which in 2008 won the Polaris Music Prize, an award that is kind of like a Grammy, but records with titles like He Poos Clouds can win it. It is also awarded by polar bears. Notice anything interesting?
No joke: "Irene" and "Sandy." Two of these songs share their names with the two hurricanes that hit the Northeast and New York City in the past two years.

Because we firmly believe that correlation does imply causation, we are going to start stockpiling canned goods for 2013's Hurricane Desiree. Or Hurricane Niobe. Or a winter storm named Eli, because they are giving those things dude names now. Snaith has warned you. We'll also be spending the rest of the weekend going over Up in Flames for missed clues about the 2008 financial crisis.

Dan Snaith, Namer of Storms, emitting psychic vibrations into the universe.