Pitchfork Gets in on the National Arbor Day Action

on Apr 23, 2013
If you thought that Dear Jerks was the only music enthusiast site that was also giving big props to National Arbor Day (see our previous two posts), you have probably been right...until today. As of this morning, Pitchfork has also stepped up, reviewing not just one, but two albums with trees on the cover -- side by side, no less! Witness these tastefully artistic images of nature that grace the covers of the Appleseed Cast's Illumination Ritual (left) and Blackout Beach's Blues Trip (right):

Not only that, guess what? Both of these bands of bonafide tree aficianados came away with pretty darn decent reductive numerical appraisals of their life's artistic pursuits! The Appleseed Cast got a 6.9, which is pretty much the sexiest gymnastics score you can get, amiright? Blackout Beach got a slightly less sexy 6.1 (though maybe it is sexy, if you use your imagination?), but they are almost surely going to get a rave review, in the form of five or six paragraphs of excellent esoteric musings, from Cokemachineglow, so it's all good.