Oneida Celebrate Their Quinceanera: Secret Project Robot, 12/1/12

on Dec 5, 2012
(All photos courtesy of Bryan Williams)

Oneida celebrated fifteen years of making sometimes-clanging, sometimes-pulsing, sometimes-disorienting, post-motorik-post-psychedelic music together with a not-secret show at Secret Project Robot in Bushwick last Saturday, December 1st. True to non-form, their set started with three relatively short favorites, including a raucous turn through the garage-burner "Doin' Business in Japan." Then they went to town on a morphing jam that took up the large middle chunk of their nearly hour-and-a-half set. What still photographs can't show is that the lights and graphics were perpetually swirling around the room. It might have been a bad time to be on anything harder than a few PBR's.

The young woman behind me, genuinely enthused, asks her friend, "What are these guys called?" This is always a good sign at shows. Seriously. It means the room isn't entirely the realm of obsessives who can cite every d-side.

There's no question that all of them are working hard, but it's a wonder that Kid Millions' arms don't give out multiple times. There must be a disused pre-war claw foot bathtub somewhere in the back of this art space filled with ice water waiting for him afterwards. "We've got one more nugget," Bobby Matador tells the crowd. The little nugget unfolds and folds itself back up over roughly twenty minutes. If only Oneida could play everyone's birthday, not just their own.